Ship’s Log

Tuesday 1st December – Midway – Hooray!!

In the early hours of this morning we hit the mid-way point, hopefully from here on we will experience more Caribbean weather, good winds and calmer seas. Captain celebrated by finally making an appearance in the kitchen to make his legendary sweet potato brunch cupcakes – when I’m back on a stable WIFI connection I will post up photos and the...

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Monday 30th November – Groundhog Day

At 9am we reset our phones to Rio time and our watches to 6am, we had a second breakfast, we are also changing watch teams today, good to mix things up and work with different people, we are becoming more cohesive as a crew. We’ve been pretty much following the Rhum Line the whole journey (the straight line between the Canaries...

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Thursday 26th November 2020

We are moving nicely up the positions board, but it seems this has been more by luck than judgement, as today, Captain Andy found his “How to cross the Atlantic” book! As he settled down for some speedy study, the rest of the crew, worried about how long the crossing would take (and if I’d provisioned well enough for an extended...

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Wednesday 25th November 2020

Daily checks onboard include; checking the rigging for signs of wear or damage, surveying the bilges for water, oil or fuel, checking the levels on the batteries, grey & black tanks and fresh water. Seeing that the water levels around under 50% means we switch on the water-maker and top up the tanks. Songbird has a very efficient water-maker and in...

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Tuesday 24th November 2020

The clear, black, star-sprinkled skies clouded over and we awoke to a grey day. However, great conditions for sailing and we continue to chase down the fleet. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we haven’t spotted any other boats (just a couple on radar), late morning however, one eagle-eyed crew member spotted what he thought might be a whale somewhere off the port side of...

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