Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, The Amalfi Coast stretches for miles and miles along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. This chic and cosmopolitan destination, with sheer cliffs and untamed coastline, is dotted with small beaches and pastel coloured fishing villages. In the Bay of Naples, luxury travellers flock to the spectacular island of Capri, famous for it’s Blue Grotto, however, the equally beautiful Procida on Ischia is one of the regions best-kept secrets. This incredible sailing region is teaming with fresh seafood and offers outstanding cuisine.

Ports of Call
Day 01 - Portisco to Tavolara

Sail from Portisco through Capo Figari and the Gulf of Olbia for approximately 16 nautical miles to beautiful Tavolara. This island is a limestone massif, 5 km in length and just 1 km across with impressive cliffs at either end. The bay of Spalmatore has a fantastic beach where we anchor for the night.

Take the first swim of your trip while soaking up the views. The Ristorante da Tonino Re di Tavolara is a family-run restaurant perfect for your evening meal where you can reflect the adventures of the first day on your charter yacht.

Day 02 - Tavolara to Caprera Island

After a leisurely breakfast on board, get underway for the Maddalena Archipelago and Caprera Island, about 21 nautical miles north of Tavolara and the second largest in the archipelago with about 45 km of coastline.

Caprera has been declared a natural reserve in order to protect its full time (and only) residents the royal seagull, cormorant and peregrine falcons, so be sure to take your binoculars as you climb the volcanic peak of Monte Teiolane from where you can see the entire archipelago stretched out before you.

Visit the House of Garibaldi, the famous Italian’s retirement retreat. Nowadays it is a museum and memorial chapel – the island itself is also a national monument to this father of Italian independence. The southwestern side of the island provides many great coves and anchorages.

Day 03 - Caprera Island to Bonifacio

You will have a stunning sail from Caprera to Bonifacio, one of the most dramatic natural harbours in the world. Situated on the southern coast of Corsica this town with its medieval citadel sits atop towering limestone cliffs and the entrance to the harbour is only accessed through a channel in these incredible “falaises”. Enjoy a walk through the streets with its many cafes, shops and restaurants serving the best of the local French and Corsican cuisine and marvel at the views from the top!

Day 04 - Bonifacio to Isola Di Budelli

Back to the crystal waters of the Maddalena Archipelago and to Isola Budelli, considered one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. The colours of the beaches you will see come from microscopic fragments of corals and shells and are stunning in contrast to the greenery of this uninhabited island.

Day 05 - Isola Di Budelli to Isola Spargi

Swim, snorkel and explore the transparent water of the bays of Isola Spargi, including Cala Corsara, said to be one of the most beautiful, Cala Conneri and Cala Petranera until you reach Cala Grano where you can moor for the night on the protected east coast of the island. Lie back on deck with a glass of local wine and enjoy the peace and quiet that only bare boating can offer.

Day 06 - Isola Spargi to Isola Maddalena

If you fancy some time onshore, the port town of Cala Gavetta on Isola Maddalena is where you can spend your next evening. The town offers shops, restaurants and pizzerias for you to explore. Renowned for its fabulous beaches, the island is also recognisable for its rocky granite terrain and there are ancient ruins.


Day 07 - Isola Maddalena to Pevero

Leaving the archipelago of La Maddalena behind you, head back to the Costa Smeralda or “Emerald Coast” and anchor in the bay of Pevero just south of the jet set hub of Porto Cervo. A perfect anchorage when the Mistral is blowing, the bay is framed by two white sandy beaches and you will all want to take advantage of the crystalline waters here to swim and snorkel on your last day on board.

Route Map

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