Yacht Songbird

Ship’s Log

Monday 23rd November 2020

A wide-eyed crew were awake at first light, coffee in hand, setting out into the blue for the second time. As we settled into our watch pattern of 3 hours on, 6 hours off, some retired to their cabins to get some shut-eye. Excitement woke everyone around 2pm when Dolphins were spotted off the bow. No matter how many times you...

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Sunday 22nd November – 12 noon (UTC)

With a sparkling clean yacht and a well turned out crew – looking dapper dressed in their Songbird uniform – all excited and enthusiastic, with beaming smiles and a healthy dash of trepidation - we motored through the animated atmosphere of the marina, somewhat emotional, to make our way towards the starting line to get our sails up. We made a strong...

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A day on board

You may like to wake up early to see the rising sun and welcome the new day with a yoga class on deck. Or perhaps you'd prefer to stay in bed a little longer, relaxing with the gentle rocking of the yacht and the sounds of the morning starting to drift into your cabin. Whatever suits you best, it’s your choice. Fresh coffee...

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