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Thursday 26th November 2020

Thursday 26th November 2020

We are moving nicely up the positions board, but it seems this has been more by luck than judgement, as today, Captain Andy found his “How to cross the Atlantic” book! As he settled down for some speedy study, the rest of the crew, worried about how long the crossing would take (and if I’d provisioned well enough for an extended passage) started to take the fishing more seriously. A cheer of elation erupted mid-afternoon as Paul reeled in a pretty decent sized Mahi Mahi – something to boast about on ARCnet, finally!

Dr Dave put on the chef’s hat and put to use his training at Billingsgate fish school and created a delicious dish of Mahi with ginger, soy and lemon.

Midnight position: 25° 01.82N 027° 35.62W
Position in fleet: 29
Fish caught: 1

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