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Tuesday 1st December – Midway – Hooray!!

Tuesday 1st December – Midway – Hooray!!

In the early hours of this morning we hit the mid-way point, hopefully from here on we will experience more Caribbean weather, good winds and calmer seas. Captain celebrated by finally making an appearance in the kitchen to make his legendary sweet potato brunch cupcakes – when I’m back on a stable WIFI connection I will post up photos and the recipe for these. After a good lunch of lasagne and salad the winds died and the brave boys took the opportunity to have a celebratory swim in the Atlantic – a once-in-a-lifetime chance for sure! (Again, photos to come). We spotted another ARC boat this afternoon to our port side, S/Y Escapado, we tracked them for a few hours. Our astro navigation team (Martin, Adam, Dave & Myril) did their first “sun run sun” today – which is a morning, noon-site, and afternoon sighting. This is complicated stuff, and their accuracy is improving greatly.

This afternoon certainly was the calm before the storm as rain and heavy weather appeared on the radar around 9pm and we battened down the hatches and got our wet weather gear ready for a rough night. Impressive electrical storms peppered the night sky, with lashing rain which soaked the crew on watch. Those below deck had an equally uncomfortable night trying to find spaces to wedge ourselves into in order to sleep.

Midnight position: 21° 24.30N 42° 36.15W
Position in fleet; 24 ☹
Fish caught: 0 ☹ ☹

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